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The Assemblage Point Association has been formed to act as an international register of trained and qualified assemblage point location and correction practitioners. It is intended that this Association will act as a hallmark of quality in assemblage point practice and enable those seeking assemblage point adjustment to find a suitable practitioner.

To become registered as a practitioner with the Assemblage Point Association, a practitioner must hold an appropriate training certificate recognised by the Association, have and maintain appropriate practice insurance and must accept the Code of Practice relating to ethical practice as laid down on the application form.

It is hoped that anyone receiving assemblage point therapy from a practitioner registered with the Assemblage Point Association can expect a high standard of treatment and the Association would wish to hear from anyone dissatisfied with their treatment.

The Register indicates those assemblage point practitioners who have so far satisfied the Assemblage Point Association's conditions. It is hoped that this number will increase rapidly as training programmes are now operating in Britain, Europe, Canada, America and Australia.



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